I am a 3D artist who focuses on the creation of environment props and assets for video games. This is my portfolio website which showcases some of my most recent work. I am currently working at Gameloft Toronto as an Environment Artist.

You can get a hold of me at Brandon [a]



Ontario Canada

To work as an 3D artist within a game studio tasked with creating various props and assets. To work along side individuals who will encourage, support and push me to become a better artist. To contribute to the over-all game development process.

+ Self motivated team player who is always willing to lend a hand.
+ Maintains an open mind and a willingness to learn.
+ Strong communicator - able to effectively portray ideas and concerns.
+ Active user on

| Gameloft Toronto - 3D Environment Artist - April 2012 - Present
+ Create environments and assets based on concept art.
+ Lighting, texturing and rendering of environments and assets.
+ Modify and edit work based on feedback from Art Director and 3D Lead.
+ Participate in daily scrum meetings.

| Epic - Link.
+ This game was created to coincide with the movie Epic.
+ I was resposible for creating highpoly models of buildings/assets based on concepts from 2D artist.
+ Using scene/lighting templates provided from Tech Artist, I rendered out the buildings/assets and passed them off    to 2D artist.
+ Constant interaction with 3D lead to ensure quality and accuracy to 2D concepts.

Conjured Graphics - Contract Environment Artist
+ Modeling and texturing of various assets
+ Create and maintain asset list

+ 3DMax
+ Maya
+ Photoshop
+ Zbrush
+ Texture Packer
+ Wacom

+ Mohawk College - Introduction to Project Management

+ Durham College - Game Development (Sept 06 - April 09)

Skiing, Photography, Ping-Pong, Running.